Awards 2015

Best Movie Award

"Take Me"

Directors: Anaïs Barbeau-Lavalette & André Turpin

A nurse working in a center for the disabled is confronted to his principles when he’s asked to accomplish a particular task.

Best Animation Award

"Bang Bang!"

Director: Julien Bisaro

Bang! Bang! It’s hunting season. As well as Eda’s 25th birthday. As a present, her father offers her an apartment under seizure. Enjoy… Eda flees. She drives fast. Too fast. A pink dog gets caught in her headlights, causing an accident. Frightened by the strange animal, she escapes the scene. She literally takes to the woods, those primal grounds where her father is meanwhile leading the hunt. A prey among other preys, Eda will have to find the strength to finally confront her father.

Short Effect Award

"Never I Will Forget You"

Director: Alexandre Desjardins

When Léa visits her grandfather Noël, she sees that he has changed. She does not know what to say, nor what to do to help the hero of her youth. In the haze, out of the memory and out of the notion of time, Léa and Noël learn to see each other differently...

Seduction Award

"Last Call"

Director: Camille Delamarre

He hears the 'click'. Lowers his head. Damn. He is standing on a mine. If he moves, it will explode. How will he get through this ? He doesn't have much time left...He hesitates. Waits. He's exhausted. It's time for the last call.

Public Award

"You Are Very Pretty Miss"

Director: Thierry Terrasson

A traffic jam. A homeless at a traffic light, holding one of these signs nobody looks at anymore, chained to its precariousness. A pretty young woman in a car, chained to her work.